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Entrance Door

Entrance Door

Entrance Door
  • Hardware upgrade to security level four possible
  • Excellent noise insulation
  • Strong 50mm profile
  • Thermal break chamber
  • Optionally glazing can be replaced with imported, designer door panels
  • Fully customizable to suit your requirements


German Windows are masterpieces in Security. Various technical refinements will stop any burglary attempt and protect you from unwelcome visitors. The fitting groove, for example, is positioned on the internal side of the sash, which makes it particularly difficult to force the window open.

Security Level Two

Multipoint locking system combined with keyed handle

Security Level Two

Security Level Three

Multipoint locking system with European profile cylinder

Security Level Three

Security Level One

Sash lock with European profile cylinder

Security Level One

Security Level Four

Multipoint BOLT locking system combined with European profile cylinder

Security Level Four

Glass configuration

Choose the right glass to maximize performance. For additional assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team.

  • Laminated, 6.38 mm
    (3 mm glass - 0.38 mm PVD-3 mm glass)
  • Laminated, 10.76 mm
    (5 mm glass- 0.76 mm PVD-5 mm glass)
  • Insulated (IGU), 22 mm
    (8 mm glass- 6 mm Air gap - 8 mm glass)
  • Insulated (IGU), 21.76 mm
    (4 mm glass- 0.38mm PVB-4 mm glass - 6 mm Air gap - 3 mm glass - 0.38 mm PVB- 4 mm glass)

Glass appearance

  • Clear
  • Grey
  • Light green
  • Light brown
  • Dark brown
  • Light black
  • Reflective brown
  • Reflective black


To see all colors or samples, please get in touch with us.

Georgian Bars

A Georgian bar windows offers an extra design touch to enhance any architectural style or express the taste of any homeowner. The bars are fixed on both sides, inside and outside on top of the specified glazing.

A sample of our patterns for casement windows is shown below. Many more are available. Patterns for other windows or patio doors may differ, depending on product type and size.

Georgian bars: Colonial Grille


Georgian bars: Prairie Grille



Our standard colors are white and brown but we have a selection of over 21 colors available. Our Online color-sheet will give you a better indication of our entire range. Please enquire with us if you have any questions.

See the full color chart

Standard Color


We exclusively use hardware manufactured by German companies like ROTO to provide a provide a long lasting product. To find out more about our hardware, download the catalog on the right side.

Door Panel

24 mm aluminium composite panels. Combined with security glazing in stainless steel like frames. High security, sound and thermal proofed. Made in Spain.

Door panel type 1
Door panel type 2


These designs are for references only. Please ask for custom designs matching your demands.

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