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Burglar Resistant Entrance Doors

Safe and sound - Day and night

Everyone wants to feel comfortable at home. This is where doors come in: they play an important role in our lives, giving us that all-important sense of safety and security, protecting us and keeping out noise and unwelcome guests. At German Windows you can put together your own individual doors with the exact technical features you need. The result: interior doors and apartment entrance doors that are tailored to your requirements and have the functions and the technology that suit you and your lifestyle.

Basic protection for peace of mind

A simple feeling of security – the basic model for those with high standards

Even our standard version has plenty of features. At German Windows, that’s a matter of course, because we believe that secure doors don’t have to come at a high price. Our apartment entrance doors meet strict environmental requirements and withstand tough conditions as standard. An important detail: all doors from German Windows bear the RAL quality mark, which certifies that a product has been manufactured in compliance with strict, standardised quality criteria. The recommendations for use in accordance with RAL GZ 426 ensure that you’re always on the safe side when realising your construction project.

It's better to be safe than sorry

Apartment entrance doors with soundproofing and/or fire protection (optional)

Welcome to the quiet zone. Doors with soundproofing ensure that noise stays where it belongs – outside. Even our standard apartment entrance doors meet all soundproofing and safety requirements in accordance with DIN 4109. This means you get three features in one: soundproofing, security and load-bearing capacity.

German Windows re-rated doors provide a high level of protection against re. Like all the interior and apartment entrance doors in our range, they look good and have great technical features. In addition to re-rated doors, we also offer combined versions for additional smoke protection requirements and pure smoke protection doors.

Soundproofed door sets

Soundproofing class Laboratory test result Recommendation for use
SK27 32 dB Standard apartment entrance door (minimum requirement acc. to DIN 4109)
SK32 37 dB Apartment entrance door with extra convenience
SK37 42 dB Apartment entrance door leading directly into the living area, without vestibule (recom- mended for increased soundproo ng as per DIN 4109, Supplement 2)

Fire-rated door sets

Door structures Function
Fire-rated doors (in acc. with DIN 4102 and DIN EN 1634) Protection against fire for 30, 60 or 90 minutes
Smoke protection doors (in acc. with DIN 18095 and DIN EN 1634) Prevention of penetration by smoke, which contains poisonous gases and impairs visibility

Making life difficult for burglars

Apartment entrance doors with protection against intrusion and burglary (optional)

A burglary is committed somewhere in Malaysia every two minutes. Many burglars break in during the day, often via the entrance door. With the right security equipment, 40 per cent of break-ins can be prevented. German Windows doors protect you from uninvited guests and make your home a safe haven.

Recommendations for use
acc. to resistance class as per DIN EN V 1627-30 and EN 1627-30

Burglar/intruder profile Security requirements WK RC
Casual burglar using simple tools Standard security level for apartment entrance exposed to an average risk 2 2
Casual burglar using heavy lever tools Increased security level for apartment entrance exposed to a high risk 3 3

Parts of a burglar-resistant apartment entrance door set

Top of the line technology

Bottom Door Seal

Winkhaus Autlock AV3


  • Automatic locking via magnet technology in the frame
  • High security via locked hook with 25 mm visible width and claw action
  • Highest burglar resistance, energy savings and user comfort
  • Tight seal via two independent sealing elements
  • Energy savings and user comfort
  • 8x door panel designs to choose from (see PDF)

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