Innovative Product Award 2017 for German Windows Malaysia - Homedec Malaysia

RAL Installation

Our German Windows RAL installation is a sound reducing and energy-efficient installation, ensuring the reduction of noise and cooling energy loss due to its technology.

German Windows RAL-Installation

To utilise the full functionality of sound and energy proof windows, the connection to the building structure has to be made as airtight as possible. The RAL Gütegemeinschaft Fenster und Türen e. V. Germany (Quality Assurance Association for Windows and Doors) addressed this issue in detail and published the guideline on the planning and installation of windows and front doors. This guideline is considered the valid reference work for German Windows installer.

German Windows RAL installation prevents water penetration into the wall and therefore the occurrence of condensation, which affect the windows’ insulating abilities.

Highly durable Swiss made screw for the window direct through the building. In Germany produced joint sealing tape is used as a sealing material to fix up the space between the frame and the wall, functioning as an excellent thermal and sound insulator.

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