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Why save energy? With a double-glazing window, it's so easy to save energy, there's no reason not to do it. Aside from helping the nature, it can help you cut your electricity bill between 30 to 60%

How does it work? Double-glazed windows have two sheets of glass with a gap between them, usually about 12mm, to create an insulating barrier that keeps heat out. The gap is, depending on the window, filled with gas or air.



The glass plays an important role. Even though it's the largest element of the window, it's often overlooked. For a proper heat insulation a 5+10A+5 mm glass or better is required.


The profile plays a very important role. It's the second largest element of the window and therefore just as crucial as the double glazing.

At German Windows we recognise the challenge to overcome noise pollution. Your window is customised to your specific requirements and the environment you live in - for a maximum benefit.

We offer a large number of different types of glasses. However, only properly insulated double glazing helps realise energy savings and sound insulation.


To achieve high energy savings, the profile is just as important as the glass. A profile-thickness of 50mm + with thermal break and double glazing help maximise the potential savings.


Elements & Aluminium Profile

Possible Configuration

To achieve a high heat insulation, the elements should be equipped with double glazing and a thermal break profile. Note: Currently there is no sound proof sliding window profile available worldwide. Therefore German Windows doesn't offer sliding windows. Our R&D department works hard to develop a solution.

Fixed Window
Fixed window
Awning Window
Awning Window
Animated version
Casement Window
Casement window
Animated version
Fixed Window
Casement Door
Animated version
Casement Window
Lift & Slide Door
Animated version
Casement Window
Entrance door
Animated version

Aluminium Profile

Aluminium profiles are ideal to achieve high sound and heat insulation performance. They also offer additional security and have a long life span. To find out more about our aluminium profile, visit the aluminium page.



Outside (hot)

A - About 2mm thick aluminium
B - Thermal break
C - Hollow space (thermal break chamber)
D - Glass (usually 5mm + 12A + 5mm)
E - Air gap between glass (12A)

Inside (cool)


So, a properly isolated window saves can save up to 60% of our energy bills and helps preserve the environment for us and future generations.

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