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Aluminium Profile

Window with aluminium profile


Aluminium windows are widely recognised for being a low maintenance, functional and highly durable alternative to other more traditional building materials. Available in a variety of stylish options, in both colors and designs, this economically viable and highly flexible solution represents the next generation of functional and aesthetically pleasing window and door frames. Blending high grade European hardware and technology with the latest in hollow heat-isolation glass, Q-Aluminium windows deliver the finest construction standards available today.

Noise Insulation

To achieve a very high sound insulation factor, only fixed, casement (window) and turn (door) elements are possible. Sliding doors do not isolate noise as well. However, standard sound insulation can also be achieved with sliding and lift & slide elements.

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Heat Insulation

Other then sound insulation, it's a basic requirement for heat insulation to use double glazing. The layer of air between the glass, is the key property to enable energy savings.

Characteristics: Double glazing such as 5 mm + 12A + 5 mm

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Technical Highlights

  • More then 20,000 cycles possible
  • Excellent noise insulation; Expanded gasket zone
  • Narrow profile width of only 50 mm
  • All possible opening types
  • High grade 6063-T5 aluminium, thickness up to 2.0 mm
  • Thermal break chamber
  • High-Grade German hardware
  • 10 years operational warranty
Prossible aluminium window configuration

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